POSTED BY: Amy Lim, Shanghai, China, Spring 17

Searching for peanut butter and cinnamon

POSTED BY: Allegra Kartha, Pune, India, Fall 16, Spring 17

Greetings Friends, from Kerala!
I am spending my travel week with family in my home state! I will tell you more about it next week when I have the words to describe it! I thought I'd give you a post while I'm sitting waiting to leave for the day!

POSTED BY: Kailee Kennedy, Manipal, India, Fall 16

One of the things that I really like about Alliance’s Manipal Program is that there is always something exciting for me to do during the weekend

POSTED BY: Sabrina Marzouki, Manipal, India, Spring 16

So for our last free weekend my friends and I decided to go back to Candolim Beach again in Goa. IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

POSTED BY: Sabrina Marzouki, Manipal, India, Spring 16

Delhi was this amazing city filled with so many interesting shops, culture, traffic (lol), history, people and infrastructure. It is definitely a must see when in India.

POSTED BY: Maria Jose Arias Brito, Shanghai, China, Spring 16

买东西translates as Shopping! or buy stuff more or less.

POSTED BY: Julia Mistrata, Pune, India, Spring 16

Realizing there are only a few short weeks (well, days now) left here in Pune, there are a few last minute activities I need to check off my list.

POSTED BY: Ella Schneiberg, Pune, India, Fall 15

The task of finding and buying souvenirs is tiring, to say the least. I am pretty indecisive in general, so the act of picking out the little things that I would take home as a representative of my study abroad experience was very difficult.

POSTED BY: Shola Powell, Pune, India, Fall 15

Before coming to Pune, I was most nervous about staying with a host family. Having lived away from home for two years now, living with "parents" didn't sound appealing.

POSTED BY: John Pilon, Shanghai, China, Summer 15

If you come to China, it is very likely that you will go shopping as much as you can due to the low prices and potential of saving in the long-run.


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