POSTED BY: Gabriel Wacks, Shanghai, China, Spring 17

We’re heading out tomorrow evening on a flight to northwestern China

POSTED BY: Allegra Kartha, Pune, India, Fall 16, Spring 17

As I start to pack for my next adventures in the North, I have thought of some words of wisdom to give when it comes to packing!

POSTED BY: Sarah Treaster, Pune, India, Spring 16

My time in Pune has come to a close, thus, the time has come for the obligatory advice blog post for future Alliance students or just anyone who reads this who is planning on visiting India.

POSTED BY: Caitlin Favreau, Shanghai, China, Spring 16

Stressful packing, tearful goodbyes, and the imminent exhaustion pushes on my shoulders, but the overall feelings of excitement and anticipation make my struggles worth it.

POSTED BY: Lyn Watts, Pune, India, Spring 16

T-minus 8 days until I fly to Mumbai. Technically I am already halfway there. My parents live in Germany and I am visiting them for the month of January. So I only have to fly from Europe to India, not from the U.S.

POSTED BY: Sarah Treaster, Pune, India, Spring 16

My flight to Pune, India is fourteen days away and it still doesn't seem real. I don't think it will really hit me until I finally land in Mumbai after about twenty-five long hours of travel and a dozen or so anxiety dreams.

POSTED BY: Caitlin Miller, Pune, India, Fall 15

While considering what to pack for a semester abroad in India, I found it immensely helpful to read through the packing posts written by the Alliance student bloggers.

POSTED BY: Esha Dholia, Manipal, India, Fall 15

Your quintessential packing list blog post, tailored specifically to the Manipal experience! Use this along with the packing list the Alliance provides you with.

POSTED BY: Cam Vilain, Varanasi, India, Fall 15

Since my time in India is slowly coming to a close, I know that it is time for everyone’s favorite blog post—the packing list blog post. This is an unofficial must-do, in my mind, for any blogger.

POSTED BY: Jessica Martin, Shanghai, China, Fall 15

So it's the day before you leave and you're figuring out how to stuff a week's worth of living into a carry-on and a backpack. I've been there! Some things are obvious (i.e. clothes, toothbrush, cell phone) but others can be easily forgotten.


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