POSTED BY: Prince Menckeberg, Shanghai, China, Fall 16

An awesome part about the Alliance program in Shanghai is that they allocate money for weekly Language Tables.

POSTED BY: Nick Henderson, Shanghai, China, Spring 16

Here in Shanghai, it’s not all fun and games, it’s a lot of hard work too.

POSTED BY: Nick Henderson, Shanghai, China, Spring 16

This past week, I was given the opportunity to backpack across Yun’nan province

POSTED BY: Nick Henderson, Shanghai, China, Spring 16

Meeting new people is one of the best parts about being in a new area.

POSTED BY: Annie Fortnow, Pune, India, Spring 16

Every day in class, we learn new letters and their unique sounds. Coming from the English language, Hindi pushes me out of my comfort zone to pronounce new sounds that we do not express in English.

POSTED BY: Jesse Adler, Shanghai, China, Spring 16

It's less than a week until I begin the second half of my academic year abroad in Shanghai, China, studying with the Alliance for Global Education.

POSTED BY: Jessica Martin, Shanghai, China, Fall 15

While learning a second language, there is always a stage where you're getting ahold of grammar but your vocabulary is limited. During this stage you tend to develop a highly entertaining mixture of your native language and the one you're studying.

POSTED BY: Esha Dholia, Manipal, India, Fall 15

My ABCD, diasporic roots have their firmest and deepest roots in language. I was raised on three: English, Gujarati, and Hindi.

POSTED BY: Caitlin Miller, Pune, India, Fall 15

Bhakri is a type of bread. It is served with cooked vegetables, so the person eating rips off small pieces at a time with their right hand and uses these pieces to scoop up some of the vegetable.

POSTED BY: Holly Blackwelder, Shanghai, China, Summer 15

I dreamt about China last night (only China was somehow in outer space), and woke up feeling like I needed to post this last blog. While in Shanghai, I kept a running list of the funniest English translations I encountered.


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