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POSTED BY: Gabriel Wacks, Shanghai, China, Spring 17

               What does a stressed, exhausted, broke Alliance student do during spring break in Shanghai?

               Perhaps rest up for a few days? Explore the local area? Go to the beach, enjoy the newfound sun, and begin studying for rapidly-emerging finals?

POSTED BY: Alec Pililian, Shanghai, China, Spring 16

Always the contrarian, I wanted to travel where no one else was going for our independent travel break.

POSTED BY: Sophie Nguyen, Shanghai, China, Spring 16

“Just a few more steps! Jia you, Sophie! You can do it!”

POSTED BY: Kate Kemper, Varanasi, India, Spring 16

For our Independent Travel week, two of my classmates and I headed to Nepal.

POSTED BY: JoEllen Mueller, Shanghai, China, Fall 15

China’s study abroad experience thus far has been vastly different than what I would have expected. After a lot of thinking as to why my experience was so much different than my last, I have come up with a few ideas.

POSTED BY: Sarah Weinbrom, Manipal, India, Fall 15

From Manipal’s campus, you can look eastward and see a gorgeous range of mountains looming up in the distance. In these mountains, you can find Chikmaglur, a hill station full of opportunities for trekking and other outdoor activities.

POSTED BY: Scott Anderson, Pune, India, Fall 15

One of the highlights of my time in India was my experience at Rajgad fort. During my trek I slept in an old temple, saw the sunrise on top of a mountain, was robbed by wild monkeys, explored an ancient capital and saw some beautiful scenery.

POSTED BY: Jessica Martin, Shanghai, China, Fall 15

So it's the day before you leave and you're figuring out how to stuff a week's worth of living into a carry-on and a backpack. I've been there! Some things are obvious (i.e. clothes, toothbrush, cell phone) but others can be easily forgotten.

POSTED BY: Sarah Weinbrom, Manipal, India, Fall 15

If you ask around Manipal for good travel destinations, Goa is sure to come up more than once. Just north of Karnataka, Goa is a beautiful, exciting vacation destination full of food, beaches, shopping, and nightlife.

POSTED BY: Jessica Martin, Shanghai, China, Fall 15

Independent traveling is one of the best aspects of studying abroad, without a doubt! It’s both a time to explore your host country’s culture and enjoy a wonderful break from schoolwork!


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