POSTED BY: Eliza Giles, Varanasi, India, Spring 17

Holi with my host family was... crazy. Before we'd even started eating gujias (traditional Holi food) our host uncle visiting from Mumbai covered our faces in green paint. Then the day continued on the roof as everyone covered each other in wet holi paint.

POSTED BY: Allegra Kartha, Pune, India, Fall 16, Spring 17

Holi is my favorite holiday and time of the year

POSTED BY: Sarah Treaster, Pune, India, Spring 16

Although it’s been a few weeks since the celebration of Holi took place, it has definitely left its mark—both mentally and physically. Holi is the festival of colors in India, and let me tell you, there are a LOT of colors. I’ll break down my experience into three parts:

POSTED BY: Kate Kemper, Varanasi, India, Spring 16

One of the most famous celebrations in Indian society happened a couple of weeks ago. Holi, the festival of colors, did not disappoint. 

POSTED BY: Gabrielle Ross, Pune, India, Spring 15

The best part about studying abroad in India during the spring semester should be pretty obvious: you’re there for the festival of Holi!

POSTED BY: Logan Kuba, Varanasi, India, Spring 15

The roof, the air, and our bodies were plastered with color. Powders flew, water guns sprayed, and color-filled balloons sailed under the morning sun.

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