POSTED BY: Eliza Giles, Varanasi, India, Spring 17

I think the best way to get to know a place is to put some headphones in a walk around...

POSTED BY: Rachel Bird, Jerusalem, Israel, Spring 17

This past week meant the start of classes at Hebrew U

POSTED BY: Rachel Bird, Jerusalem, Israel, Spring 17

This week was the last week of our Ulpan (intensive language course)!

POSTED BY: Danit Lieberman, Shanghai, China, Spring 17

I am in China!!

POSTED BY: Rachel Bird, Jerusalem, Israel, Spring 17

First week!

POSTED BY: Prince Menckeberg, Shanghai, China, Fall 16

You know those times where you end up going to the same place as someone you sorta talk to at the same exact time but it'd be rude not to walk/go with them? Well yeah, that happened to me with my Chinese teacher!

POSTED BY: Kailee Kennedy, Manipal, India, Fall 16

For vegetarians, living in India is an absolute paradise

POSTED BY: Judith Marklin, Varanasi, India, Fall 16

Winter time is wedding time.

POSTED BY: Dan Soucy, Pune, India, Fall 16

As a food lover, I have come to realize that India’s food culture is utterly complex. Depending on the region, the city and the cook, you will find differences and nuances in how the same dish is prepared. In Pune, I have dabbled in the unknown world of street food, grown accustomed and attached to my host-mother’s nightly cooking routine, and even learned a thing or two about the art of bargaining for fresh fruits and vegetables. 

POSTED BY: Ling MacLean, Shanghai, China, Fall 16

We took the road (slightly) less traveled in the course of the week, visiting Lijiang, a Bai village, Shaxi, Tiger Leaping Gorge, and Shangrila


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