Tel Aviv and Haifa


This past weekend I celebrated the end of midterms with a weekend trip to Tel Aviv and Haifa with some friends! In Tel Aviv we visited an art market, chilled on the beach, and ate at Benedict's, our favorite brunch spot. Then on Saturday we took a sheirut up north to Haifa. Although much of public transportation shuts down in Israel on Saturday for Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath day), there are still Sheiruts, which are vans that run between cities and have non-religious drivers. Although it's sometimes nice to have a day to decompress at home, I appreciate the Sheiruts because they allow Jews who don't keep strictly to the Shabbat commandments of not driving to still travel and explore on the weekends. My non-Jewish friends also like the option to still get around the country on Shabbat! 

In Haifa we visited a friend of a friend who is studying abroad at University of Haifa. We explored their campus and then went on a hike up Mount Carmel, a gorgeous mountain in the north of Israel. It was interesting to see the differences between the University of Haifa and Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where I'm studying, and I also enjoyed the views from the top of the mountain!

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