Halfway To Pune


T-minus 8 days until I fly to Mumbai.

Technically I am already halfway there. My parents live in Germany and I am visiting them for the month of January. So I only have to fly from Europe to India, not from the U.S. That also means I have already packed. I scoured past blog posts for advice about packing and tried to take their advice, so I hope I have all the appropriate things. Nevertheless I’m sure I missed something… I’ll let you know what it is once I get to Pune. In the meantime I am enjoying my last bit of snow for the winter by watching it from inside with a nice cup of tea and a good book (an Agatha Christie novel, one of my favorite writers).

Even though I’m already packed, and am not at home, this upcoming semester still doesn’t feel real. It probably won’t hit me that I’m spending a semester in Pune until I’m actually IN Pune. Don’t get me wrong; even though it hasn’t quite registered in my mind, I’m still beyond excited! Getting to live with a host family may be the most exciting part for me, and I cannot wait to meet them. One of my goals for the semester is being able to successfully communicate in Hindi by May. Not necessarily fluent, just able to get by. I hope practicing with my host family will help me achieve that.

With every great adventure comes some anxiety too, and I have to admit I have a few butterflies in my stomach. What if I don’t make friends? Or have trouble with my classes or internship? What if I packed entirely the wrong things? These are a few of the misgivings passing through my mind as my departure draws nearer, and I’m sure I’ll have a few hiccups. Despite that, I am sure this is going to be a fabulous semester.

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