Opportunities to Learn and Motivation for the Future


The semester is over. After a 26 Sociology page capstone project, 2 Final papers, a documentary, and our final Chinese language test I am now suddenly in the airport waiting to head back home. The feeling is surreal.


            Tests and papers aside, being in China has changed my life and strengthened my viewpoint on how important it is experience something before quickly judging. With all situations, it is so important to experience things through your own eyes, while also, making the effort to try and understand another’s stance and viewpoint. This effort in itself, along with reflection, will be so important for your personal growth.


            Within my own life, the living experience in China made me more aware of the opportunities available in the United States and reminded me how valuable hard work is. Painted in my mind are the images of men carrying stacks of supplies up and down Huangshan Mountain, people sweeping the streets and digging in the trash for recyclables, families running small restaurants from their home front, students with stacks of books, and construction workers already up working at 4a. I see so many opportunities in the US for education, work, helping others, solving problems, and overall just becoming better. But you have to work hard. In China, I believe hard work is instilled within the society, even to those with the most minuscule means of living. The images I mentioned are personal reminders that in whatever we do, we need to think less about what we do and more about how we do it. I know people in China would be so grateful for some of the opportunities America provides for its citizens and, as an American, it is time to seize what is right in front of us.


            Learning in China has motivated me to work harder now more than ever. I am coming back to America with a fresh mind that sees the challenges in front of me more as opportunities now. I am excited and prepared to commit 100% of my effort to these situations, struggle through them, and come out learning. I could not think of a better time for these thoughts to begin circulating. I’ll be graduating next year and I will revisit my experiences in China to remind me of this feeling I have right now and apply it to my every day. Habits like this will create a consistent hard working mentality, that I believe will always cultivate personal growth.  

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