Overwhelmed in so Many Different Ways


HELLO FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND OTHERS READING THIS BLOG! I write to you from Chennai, another wonderful port city in the south. As I wait to leave back to Pune, I have been reflecting a lot lately on the time left I have in India. This year is going by so fast, and I don't know how to express how I am feeling but overwhelmed. The day before leaving for travel week is when all the emotions started to hit me as everyone was leaving. I told all my friends here that towards the end of the semester I would be an emotional wreck, and I could feel it starting that day. I am just not ready to leave the country that hasn't just become my home, but has taken over myself, fully, spiritualy, emotionally, and physically. I was starting to feel even more overwhelmed when I realized I only had five more weeks left when getting back to Pune. I started to feel even more overwhelmed. There were so many more things I wanted to do, interact with more wonderful people, and see many more things before leaving and I felt even more overwhelmed to get started on all of them. It was as I was sitting on a rock, viewing a wonder waterfall that I reflected further. I need to enjoy and cherish every single day as much as I can rather than focusing on what I need to do. This way, I can enjoy every moment and leave the day with my heart full of wonderful experiences. I know that this definitely isn't my last time in India and that I will live here, or be back sooner than later. What makes me even more overwhemed with joy is the amazing people that are on this program with me. Studying abroad you truely meet amazing people, and I was blessed to meet fifteen wonderful individuals who in a not cheesy way have changed my outlook on life. In the beginning of the program, Uttaraa and I were chatting and she was saying, "isn't this group wonderful?!" and I couldn't agree with her more. They have made this experience more enriching, making me overwhelmed. That day before travel week, with my heart on my sleve feeling overwhelmed, my friends were there to support me throughout all of it, which made me even more overwhelmed in a good way. Over this week, I have missed them a lot, and I am excited to see them again. 

When you choose to study abroad, you are unknowingly making a great decision that is not only going to change you completely but give you an amazing experience that makes you want it to last forever. That has been this year in India for me. I am going to try to love every single day of it that I have left rather than worry about what else I need to check off my bucket list. 

(sorry for the sappy post, but my heart is still on my sleeve)

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