Living in a Demonitized India


The same day as Donald Trump became the president, there occured a pivotal moment in India as well. The Indian government as announced by Modi, banned current five hundred and thousand high notes. The country had four hours to use the last of those notes before it would be put into place. This was implemeted so as to get rid of black money. Though this was the intent, it affected everyone else more than those who had participated or currentley had black money. It affected myself and others last semester as well. Lines for ATMs were a long wait, once it was three hours for me. If this had happened in America, the lines at ATMs would be in a riot. There was no structure nor annoyance in these lines here. People were just hanging out with friends, chatting, and waiting in line. I  witnessed a man get a girls phone number in line at this ATM. People also don't care if people cut in line. My roommate and I saw a guy call over three of his friends to take out cash when only one took out three hundred rupees. We were the only ones who where upset about this. While we waited in line for three hours we witnessed all of this. We  made friends with the group  in front of us, and saw a lot in those three hours. People's patience got tested in those three hours, but everyone  overall remained somewhat patient. Our friends had made it to the ATM and we were behind them waiting. The ATM said that it was "temporarily out of service" but we were still waiting. In admist of all of this stress, I saw a person outside holding his card trying to persuade me into leting him cut in front of me. I couldn't help but chuckle at him, when has that ever worked. We ended up getting our money no problem, but it was a huge stress for us and for others as well. 

Coming back to India I was sure that I was going to have to wait in long lines again, preparing myself. It has improved quite well though. There is still an issue of getting change for big bills. Though it may not be that big of an issue to me, I know that it has affected farmers, vegetable sellers, and others who don't have bank accounts. It continues to be a struggle and has affected those people more than those with black money. It is interesting to have witnessed this historic change and see how India is dealing with this change. 

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