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My name is Allegra Sahana Kartha and my junior year will be spent studying in Pune! I am beyond thrilled for this experience! Aside from my academic background, I am also a social justice activist and educator for many communities but my main feild is with Queer and Trans People of Color like myself. I am also quite the boollywood fanatic and have ever since watching my first film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ). The music, dances, and overall aesthetics within the films are what have drawn me closer to my indian heritage and culture. This upcoming year in India means more to me than I could ever describe. All of my family members have made trips to India by themselves at my age and have had transformative journeys. For Indian Americans like myself and other multiracial,ethnic americans there is a diasporic disconnect from the mother land growning up and being raised in a western society. We are either completely disconnected from our cultural or anesestiral heritage or longing to be back in our homelands. For myself, I grew up disconnected from my biracial/multicultural heritage and it was only as a grew older I began to rediscover that. Going to India has been something I have wanted to do since I got to college. In an interview for American University the admissions officer asked me where I would go if I was to study abroad. Unknowingly and authentically I responded by saying I would go to india to reconnect with my ethnic roots while also helping Queer and Trans folks or women. It was then that my dream to go to India became more than a dream but a goal in reality. I have long awaited to not only begin this trip to learn and grow academically and proffestionally, but also to reconnect with my cultural, ethnic, and racial heritage. I hope you join me and read about my journey of "re"self discovery this upcoming year. 

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