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Hi everyone, my names Maddie Pomeroy and I a junior student studying at the University of Massachusetts Amherst! I spent the first ten years of life living in Washington state, and the last ten years living outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I am currently majoring in Public Health and I plan on minoring in Environmental Science. I first became interested in public health while studying malnutrition at my university in the states, and now I will continue my studies in Manipal, India! I hope to learn more about India's medical system and the public health issues that persist in a developing nation, as well as to fully immerse myself in the local culture. 

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Jan 30

Adjusting to college life in Manipal

I have successfully made it through my first two weeks living in Manipal, India!

Feb 06

Beach Getaway in Goa

For our first free weekend my group mates and I chose to travel to Goa,


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