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Kaz Koehring


Hi there, my name is Kaz Koehring. I am a Junior at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, IN. I grew up on the big island of Hawaii and was exposed to different cultures at a young age. I believe that experience has always made me have a desire to learn from and and stay interested in other cultures; and that is why I've started to learn Chinese. In school, I am studying Rhetoric, Chinese, and Economics, but am also very involved on campus. While singing in the Glee Club, I am also the president of the Rugby Club, president of Students for Sustainability, and involved with the Chinese Club and my fraternity. I work on campus as a tutor for the Rhetoric department and as a student recruiter in the admissions office.

I believe that life is about the experiences and relationships that we share with other people.  Studying abroad in Shanghai this semester will augment these relationships and experiences even more so and will allow me the opportunity to be even more critical of my own world views. I hope to learn, change, and grow as an individual during my time abroad and appreciate you reading along. 


May 04

Motivated Through Experience

Being uncomfortable is inevitable when going to different countries, especially places like China or Korea. If you come into these situations knowing that it is going to be different and that you are there to learn

Apr 25

Huang Shan黄山

The end of the semester is quickly approaching and last week I realized I only had 5 weekends left in China.

Apr 16

Hiking Shipton’s Arch

After trekking the Taklamakan just two days prior, we found ourselves on another morning heading up a snow covered mountain trail to see Shipton’s Arch.

Apr 16

Riding Camels in the Taklamakan Desert

We arrived in Kashgar early Monday morning after 16 hours of sleeping, reading, and chatting with friends.

Apr 09

Visiting Urumqi

As the International business students prepared to leave for Hong Kong and Macau, the 21st Century City students were getting ready to go to Xinjiang


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