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Hi! My name is Gabriel Wacks, and you found my bio! I'm from Skokie, Illinois, which is a quaint suburb north of Chicago. I'm a Junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where I study East Asian Languages and Cultures with a concentration in Chinese (Mandarin) and a minor in history (because who needs employable skills?) This semester, I'm studying in Shanghai on the 21st Century City program, courtesy of the Alliance for Global Education. I'll be studying Chinese, Politics, and Chinese Domestic and Foreign Policy. Join me as I stumble through Shanghai, China's largest city, attempting to master the Chinese language, meet exciting, new people, and make Shanghai my home. (Or watch me fail comically for your amusement.)

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Feb 12

Shanghaied, Chapter 1: I Was Promised Warm Weather

 I have, against all odds, survived my first few days here. It’s been a little intense but this semester is shaping up to be a crazy, thought-provoking, spectacular semester in China.

Mar 19

Shanghaied, Chapter 5: The Not-So-Great Wall of China

As a Westerner in China, you’re a sort of oddity, and in many cities, most people have never seen a Westerner up close.

Mar 10

Shanghaied, Chapter 4: Apps, Asthma, and Artist Colonies

Ah, Shanghai. The world’s largest city proper, a weird, wonderful blend of East and West

Mar 01

Shanghaied, Chapter 3: Our First Little Group Adventure

 This week’s post is really long. Life got real eventful and I have many stories to tell. Fair warning!

Feb 22

Shanghaied, Chapter 2: That One Chapter With All The Exposition

The delay in this blog post is brought to you in part by sickness: because it’s not like I had work to do or anything!

I’m slowly, painfully recovering from one of the worst colds I’ve had in a long time. I’ve also discovered that buying medicine in China without a prescription is really hard. I had to get a typhoid vaccine to get here but I couldn’t remember Nyquil?


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