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大家好!Hi everyone! My name is Danit Lieberman and I am a Junior at Boston College. I am originally from Mexico city, but my family moved to Denver, Colorado 10 years ago, so I consider Denver my home. However, I have also found a home in Boston. I am studying Accounting and Managing for Social Impact, with a minor in Chinese. I have been studying Chinese since high school, however, I have not yet had the opportunity to visit China, so I am very excitied for this adventure! 

I will be studying in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (S.U.F.E.), and I will take courses focusing on the growth of China as an economic power, as well as courses to continue studying Mandarin.  One of my goals for my semester in Shanghai is to fully dive into the Chinese culture, practice Chinese everyday, and learn as much as I can about this drastically different life-style. I am realistic in knowing that it will be challenging, I do not want to overlook the fact that it is a huge transition that I have never experienced before. I am preparing as best as I can for the challenges. But more importantly, I am VERY excited for the amazing experiences I know I will have, the amazing things I will see, and all the wonderful people I will meet. 

I am excited to reflect on my experiences and share them with you all, so I hope you will enjoy my blog and join me in this adventure! :)


Apr 27

Headed South to Guangzhou

A couple of weeks ago, to start off the International Business Field trip we flew southward to Guangzhou!

Apr 11

Spring has Sprung

It finally started to feel like spring here in Shanghai. One day, I felt so rejuvenated by the sun and warm weather that I decided to ride a bike around the surrounding area and try to find a park

Mar 25

The Beautiful side of Beijing

 I want to talk about the good side of my Birthday weekend in Beijing!

Mar 15

Scammed in Beijing

This weekend my friends and I decided to take the 5-hour fast train from Shanghai to Beijing.

Mar 01

One Common Life

My favorite class so far has been Managing Enterprises in China


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