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The Alliance is headquartered in Washington, DC, but our international staff is spread throughout the world. If you find yourself in China, India, or Istanbul, come say hi!

We all love study abroad — most of us studied abroad ourselves at some point — and we're excited to share updates with you from each of our program centers. Check in with us for study abroad tips, cultural tidbits, alumni profiles, program highlights, and more!

When not at our desks, the Alliance crew can be found watching adorable animal videos, making lattes with our beloved Nespresso machine, or learning new languages.

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Feb 28

10 Experiences You Can Have on the Diversity & Coexistence Program

Understand the Bedouin population
Visit an aboriginal population who have been restricted from nomadic movement by modern society and forced to adopt a geographically fixed way of life.

Oct 13

Talking to your Parents about studying in India

You're interested in studying abroad in india, but you still have an obstacle to overcome before you make your decision:

You need to get your parents on board.

Jul 21

Istanbul Program Suspended

The Alliance has suspended the development of its Istanbul, Turkey program at this time.

Jan 08

Faculty in Focus: Dr. Arvind Kumar

Get to know Alliance faculty! Dr. Arvind Kumar directs the Study Abroad Programme (SAP) and heads the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations at Manipal University.

Dec 22

Alumni Interview: Alana Perez

Alana Perez is an Alumni Ambassador at Denison University. She studied abroad in Spring 2015 with our Intensive Chinese Language program in Beijing, China.


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